Hey Friends!


I'm Taylar Dawn.  I believe in true love, best friends, adventures, sweatpants, and messy hair.  I'm an entrepreneur blending my passion for photography, travel, and beauty! I'm super adventurous and outgoing. I believe in living life to the fullest and that an adventure (lost or not) is the best way to find yourself. I love getting lost in the beauty of our planet, being one with nature, capturing all it has to offer behind a camera with you as the center of attention! 


As a North Dakota photographer, I am all about getting outside of your box! I love the in-the-moment unique shots! Capturing your love, laughter, and passion! I am a natural light photographer using the beauty of nature as your backdrop. It has been so much fun capturing other adventurers. Whether it's the love you share or senior photos before your next journey I'm always excited to see what each session holds! 


I grew up loving the outdoors, photography, and dance! Spending my summers at our lake cabin and winters snowboarding in different states.  I've traveled all over the world but still have so much to see! National Parks are my favorite thing to explore, besides the local restaurants! 


I hope my photography and adventures inspire you to take a leap of faith and to get out of YOUR comfort zone because everything you have ever wanted is right outside of the box you have so neatly drawn around yourself. 


If you are taking the next step in your journey whether it's a surprise proposal or capturing an important moment in your life and need a photographer to tag along I'm your girl! So stick around, join the adventure and enjoy the journey.


My Pup


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