• Taylar Dawn

5 Reasons to do a Graduation Cap & Gown Mini Session

Updated: Apr 6

1) You only graduate High School once.

2) They are the perfect picture for your Thank You cards! What better way to say thank you & look I did it!

3) Your parents will more than likely only have cell phone pics of that day. Getting Cap & Gown photos taken ensures your images are high quality and will last a life time!

4) The one yearbook photo they snap of you in your Cap & Gown is so posed! Cap & Gown Minis give you multiple pose options. Giving you the opportunity to capture your excitement while you celebrate your achievements.

5) They make the perfect photo for your graduation Thank You cards!

Don't forget to include your furry friends in on your accomplishment!

Cap & Gown Minis are perfect way to capture the memory of graduation! Whether you are adding them to your seniors scrap book or using the photos for Thank You cards, you will always have these photos to look back on!