• Taylar Dawn

Top 3 Reasons I use HoneyBook for my photography business

Between emails, sending contracts, shooting and editing multiple galleries, there are so many things on your to-do list as a photographer. HoneyBook has not only expedited my workflow but has been a lifesaver when it comes to organizing each client's portfolio.

HoneyBook has been key to creating a strong client experience from the start of inquiry to asking for that 5-star review! I’ve been using HoneyBook for years now and I am absolutely blown away by the robust amount of features. As a photographer, it’s extremely important to me that I’m able to tailor HoneyBook in a way that serves my clients well, but also in a way that serves me well.

Today, I’m sharing three different ways HoneyBook has elevated my photography business and created a strong automated client experience.


The first way that HoneyBook has elevated my photography business is that it serves as a cohesive home base for all my client projects.

Instead of spending an ample amount of time using multiple different platforms to send contracts, automated emails, questionnaires, and invoices, by using HoneyBook, I can now go to one simple app or online and access all of these very important steps in one cohesive space.

Now, instead of searching through their inbox to finish that questionnaire, they started days before they can log in to their account and pick up right where they left off. From a user standpoint, HoneyBook gives a cohesive space for their client project to live.

Using HoneyBook to streamline proposals, invoices, contracts, and multiple other things photographers sending our clients on a daily/weekly basis has now made my life so much easier. But not only has it made my life easier and more organized, but it’s also elevated the experience on the client-side. Each client can access all the tools, files, and invoices in their custom project within HoneyBook.


Before I was using HoneyBook, I used a hodgepodge of third-party systems to email PDFs and resources to clients. I handled invoices in one system. Sent questionnaires in another. And I felt like I never truly had 100% control over how everything looked or with how my clients engaged with the resources on the front end.

Now with HoneyBook, I’m able to have full control over the look and feel of every client project, every invoice, every contract, every worksheet, and every timeline I send out.

I love that I know exactly how it’ll look on the front end before I even send it because I can preview it. I can tweak the color palette that I use, customize the header image, and upload any necessary logos. It is so nice to have everything you send your clients match your brand.

HoneyBook allows you to send customized proposals to potential clients that you are asking to heavily invest in you and your services. When doing so you want to wow your client right off the bat with something that looks beautiful and as professional as you are!


I love that I can access my HoneyBook account no matter where I am. I can download the app and log in to my account, easily create invoices on the go or send my client's contract over while I'm traveling for my next shoot! You also can access HoneyBook online in your phone’s browser or desktop!

Not only is it really easy to access on the backend, but it’s also easy on the front end for your clients.

If you email them a questionnaire or timeline that needs to be approved. They can easily click on the link that lands in their inbox and sign off or complete it no matter where they are.

HoneyBook is such a great way for you and your clients to make good use of the precious time you have no matter where you are! Because let’s be real, no one wants to be tied to their desktop computer or email all day, every day. HoneyBook helps things move along quickly and seamlessly.


Okay, the last thing I absolutely love about HoneyBook is how amazing and helpful their support team is.

Like I said earlier, I’ve been using HoneyBook for years. And when I first started using it, there was one feature that seemed like a helpful resource for creatives to have as part of their CRM that HoneyBook didn’t offer. The analytics feature.

So I sent the team over at HoneyBook an email. I said, hey, I have this idea that I think would be an easy thing for you to incorporate. And I think that a lot of your customers would also find it useful.

They emailed me back almost instantly. Let me know my suggestion was received and valued, and that they would pass it along to their development team.

Now, I know I’m not the only person who emailed HoneyBook about adding an analytics feature. But months later, they responded and rolled out a very easy to use time analytics tool.

To take their customer service to the next level, after a few months had gone by and I was using the time analytics feature, the HoneyBook team actually got back in touch with me and asked if I would be willing to give my feedback on this new tool. Since this was something I had asked for months ago and also since it was something I was actively using, they wanted to see how it helped my business.

As a user, I loved having the opportunity to be part of these conversations as they were figuring out different ways to consistently improve upon their tools. And it made me as a customer feel incredibly valued and seen.

Also as a side note, when you sign up for HoneyBook, they offer to organize and upload all of your files, invoices, contracts, etc so you don't have to and can dive in and get to work as soon as possible!

If you are a photographer who is curious about what HoneyBook could do for you I have an exclusive offer where you can try HoneyBook on a 7-day free trial! And if you fall in love with HoneyBook like I have, you can sign up using this link and receive 50% off your annual subscription.